Stewardship of Time

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"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests."
-- Ephesians 6:18

Technology has created many timesaving devices, yet we seem to have less time than ever. Our calendars fill without our consideration of whether we are making the best use of God's gift of time. We are given 24 hours each day. We must ask, "How much of that time do I spend with God? How much time do I set aside for the people who need me?"

Disciples in Prayer

Because Christian Stewards recognize God as the origin of life and the source of all we have and are, they know the power of prayer. We must weave prayer throughout our days, remembering the many we know whose needs we can lift to God in prayerful expectation—praying for the persecuted, the victims of violence, the unborn, the Church, and those who minister to us—and asking God to guide those in worldly power.

Time Shared as Prayer

God did not create Man alone; God created people and, through Jesus, gave us into each other's care. Beyond physical needs extends a realm of spiritual exchange—often unspoken—which occurs when we devote our full attention to those closest to us. Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am also." Thus, our families are the smallest Church to which we belong, with the circle of our friends just beyond. With them, we pray in these ways, and more:

  • Plan quality time for family
  • Enjoy the companionship of friends
  • Devote ample time for rest and recreation
  • Seek those without family and share yours
  • Seek one with no friends and be one

Stewardship is a path for living our lives as disciples—from where we are in our lives today. It begins when we recognize that all we are, all we have, all those we love—indeed, life itself—are gifts to us from God. It continues with our commitment to dedicate and use those gifts in our homes, parish, and the greater community.

Time for Personal Prayer

As we thank God throughout our day for all gifts and all life, we can also return our time to God. Time with God can take many forms. Some ways we can share our time with God:

  • Attend weekly Mass
  • Attend daily Mass
  • Say the rosary daily
  • Devote time to spiritual reading
  • Explore new forms of prayer
  • Attend retreats and days of recollection

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